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Doorhanger Notifications: Progress Update 2009-08-07

My second major project this summer on the Firefox team is to implement Doorhanger Notifications. The main goals are to redesign the notification interface to address various issues and to provide a unified notification area for them to be displayed. For now you can read the wiki page for more information. Below is my progress thus far:

Current Progress

  • lots of code cleanup
  • decided how to support undo notifications and worked on API design
  • met with faaborg and dolske to talk about UI design
  • initial working prototype done

Loose threads

  • where in the UI should the doorhangers be shown? (need input from beltzner)

Next target

  • fully working version of doorhangers
  • ETA August 21, 2009


Please consider implementing this in a way that it can be placed in the status bar if wanted, this should also make it easier to use from non-browser XULRunner applications. I take for granted that this is a platform service and not a Firefox-specific one, of course.

One unfortunate thing with those "doorhanger" notification is that they hide some part of UI underneath them, while current notification bars avoid that, but I guess it's hard to do otherwise.