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Password Manager Improvements in Firefox 68


  • Bug 1287202 - Prompt to save logins upon page navigation if there are password fields present in a <form>
    • This fixes many websites that use <form> but don't use submit buttons and instead use JS for submission.
  • Bug 1526522 - Provide visual effects on password field autocomplete
  • Bug 1543449 - Don't prompt to save single-character passwords.

    Password Manager Improvements in Firefox 67

    There have been many improvements to the password manager in Firefox and some of them may take a while to be noticed so I thought I would highlight some of the user-facing ones in version 67…

    Preview Form Autofill in Firefox Nightly

    An early version of the new Form Autofill feature is ready for testing by early adopters with U.S. addresses and websites using Firefox Nightly on desktop. Form Autofill helps you fill out addresses in online forms. You can give the work-in-progress a try and watch it improve over time but keep in mind there are many more months of work left to go.

    Filling saved HTTP logins over HTTPS for the same domain

    HTTPS passwordThanks to initiatives like Let's Encrypt (co-founded by Mozilla), adoption of HTTPS has been increasing making the web more secure. Firefox has adapted its Login Manager to make this transition smooth for users.

    Firefox screenshots can now be easily captured and compared in automation

    mozscreenshots is now running in automation on Nightlies and on-demand for try pushes, making it much easier to capture images to detect UI regressions and make it easier to review how the UI looks. Comparing the captured images to a reference/base version can now be done via a web interface which means the images don’t need to be downloaded for review.

    Firefox Password Manager Update: 2015-Q2

    A summary of improvements made to Firefox's password manager in the second quarter of 2015.

    Firefox Password Manager Update: 2015-Q1

    A summary of improvements made to Firefox's password manager in the first quarter of 2015.

    Thanks for reviewing screenshots of Firefox's new look!

    Thanks to the 150 participants in just over 24 hours who reviewed screenshots of the new Firefox look which was released today! This was an amazing success for the first time using the online screenshot review tool and led to around 1000 pieces of feedback given.

    An easy way to test the New Firefox Beta look and feel before it's released

    Screenshot of the new Firefox UI on Windows 7 with the menu panel openThe new Firefox Beta is faster, simplified and easier to customize and we need your help to test it out before it gets released in a few weeks time.

    There is now an easy way to review Firefox user interface changes without even installing the new version. "How is that possible?" you might ask. We have a collection of hundreds of screenshots of the new Firefox in various different configurations (affecting features such as tabs, toolbars, themes, customization mode, and the new menu) that are ready for you to review.

    PSA: Deployed Firefox profiles should not contain profile lock files

    In short

    If you are making a base Firefox profile which will be deployed to other machines, be sure to delete the profile lock files before creating the template/image. The filenames to delete vary by operating system and can be found in the roaming profile directory:


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