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Password Manager Improvements in Firefox 67

There have been many improvements to the password manager in Firefox and some of them may take a while to be noticed so I thought I would highlight some of the user-facing ones in version 67:

Credit for the fixes goes to Jared Wein, Sam Foster, Prathiksha Guruprasad, and myself. The full list of password manager improvements in Firefox 67 can be found on Bugzilla and there are many more to come in Firefox 68 so stay tuned…

  1. Due to interactions with the Master Password dialog, this change doesn't apply if a Master Password is enabled


But no integration with secret service in Linux so master password needs to be reentered every time you open Firefox nor is there an API to allow external password managers

We are considering using the OS key store for storing encryption keys but I don't have any definite plans to share.

There are many 3rd-party password managers that work fine in Firefox and there is an API for those extensions to disable Firefox's built-in password manger.

So will the new password handling be compatible with Mozilla's Sync Server? I'm heavily using SS for synchronizing bookmarks, tabs and passwords too, so it would be a pity if this ability gets dropped.

Yes, nothing about login storage or sync has changed.

All of that is fine and dandy, but THE thing I would like to see is something done about sites where Firefox does not offer to save the password (on several of which Chrome DOES). The simplest solution, which i would like to see, is the ability to manually add an entry in the Password Manager.

I'm happy to share that we have made a major improvement to this area in Firefox 68 and there are more improvements to saving coming. We already have work in progress to allow you to manually add a login as well. :)

What's the correct CSS to set the autofill background color ? Many websites look terrible with yellow boxes splatted on them. is unhelpful as the bugs are years old.

This is the first I've heard of issues about the colour even though we've used this colour for years for address autofill in the US. Bug 740979, linked from that wiki page, is the correct bug for adding support for changing the colour. The bug age isn't that important since we haven't had any complaints yet and therefore it wasn't a priority to fix. Could you please file a bug and provide URLs and/or screenshots of where it doesn't look good?

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