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Password Manager Improvements in Firefox 68


  • Bug 1287202 - Prompt to save logins upon page navigation if there are password fields present in a <form>
    • This fixes many websites that use <form> but don't use submit buttons and instead use JS for submission.
  • Bug 1526522 - Provide visual effects on password field autocomplete
  • Bug 1543449 - Don't prompt to save single-character passwords.
    • These aren't normally the password values used for logging in, they are sometimes fields to thwart password manager heuristics. The user still has the option to save these via the key icon if they are worth saving.
  • Bug 1147563 - Provide autocomplete experience when the saved formActionOrigin does not match that of the form
  • Bug 1550669 - Login origins are shown in autocomplete (off-by-default)
  • Bug 1543258 - Chrome passwords with a NULL `action_uri` are now imported
  • Bug 1427624 - Usernames munged by the website (e.g. with asterisks) are no longer suggested as the username to save
  • Bug 1185000 - Avoid offering to save credit card numbers as usernames/passwords
    • type=password fields are sometimes used for card number and security code fields
  • Bug 936026 - Login autofill and autocomplete now work after back/forward navigation from bfcache

Work was also started on some longer-running password manager improvements that didn't ride the trains to beta so that's why there are less user-facing changes compared to Firefox 67.

Full list

(2020-05-12: I drafted this a year ago to the day but never finished it so I'm just publishing this now. I'll be following up with some more posts on recent password manager improvements shortly. For now check out "More reasons you can trust Firefox with your passwords" on the Firefox blog.)

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