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Preview Form Autofill in Firefox Nightly

An early version of the new Form Autofill feature is ready for testing by early adopters with U.S. addresses and websites using Firefox Nightly on desktop. Form Autofill helps you fill out addresses in online forms. You can give the work-in-progress a try and watch it improve over time but keep in mind there are many more months of work left to go.

Improved Form History

Autocomplete dropdown sorted by frecencyMy first project this summer as an intern at Mozilla on the Firefox team was to improve the form history feature. It's a feature that most people use when they fill out forms but don't even realize it. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, it's the dropdown of previously submitted text that appears when typing into a form input field. The two main improvements that I have been working on in form history (which are also known as form awesomecomplete) for Firefox 3.6 are detailed below.

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